Understanding Excellent Child Care Activities

Understanding Excellent Child Care Activities

Make Your Pick: Questions To Ask Daycare Centers In Your Area

Barry Ward

You're visiting daycare centers in your hometown, looking for the 'just right' one. You already know the basics that you want – a clean center with friendly staff. But, what else do you (and your child) need? Before stepping foot into the child care, prep for your first visit with a list of questions. Beyond the typical, "How many teachers do you have in each room?" types of questions, check out these need-to-know pieces of information that you might want to ask.

What extras do you offer?

Some daycares provide extra services, classes or activities that go above and beyond what you might expect to see in a preschool or early childhood setting. These could include art classes (or art classes that are led by a certified arts educator), a dance/creative movement program, sports for young children, or even a cooking class. Some preschools also welcome community members, museums, and other organizations into their center to give presentations or create 'in-school' field trip experiences.

Do you ever take field trips?

Speaking of 'in-school' field trips, some daycares take their young students to out-of-school activities. Ask the director or the staff person who is giving you a tour where past classes have gone and what they have planned for the future.

What level of involvement do you expect or allow from the parents?

Depending on the child care's rules and regulations, they may ask parents to participate in some of the activities. This might include reading a picture book to the class, chaperoning a holiday party, or helping out with an art project.

How many times a day do you go outside?

Outdoor play is important for children. Not only does it get them into the fresh air, but they also get to work on their growing motor skills and get social. Ask if there is an outdoor play requirement (or time limit). You'll also want to know if the center has an inclement weather policy. This might include rules for permitting or not permitting students to go outside in cold weather, hot weather, snow, or rain.

How long is nap time and when do you have it?

Even if your child is in daycare full-time, she still spends at least two days a week at home. Making sure that you have a set napping schedule (that works with what the child care has set up) is key to keeping your child well-rested.

Finding daycares in your area is a process that requires questions, questions and some more questions. Go a step beyond the basics and ask a few questions that truly help you see what a center like Youthland Academy has to offer and how their program can help your child to grow and develop. 


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